Double F Cattle
Worthington, IN
J.D. Faulk ~ 812-384-6441            Jeremiah Faulk ~ 812-699-1274
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Our Story 

Double F Cattle is located in southwestern Indiana, among some of the rolling cattle ground of the White River Valley.  J.D. and Jeremiah Faulk, and their families, are still producing cattle on the same farm their grandparents built in the late 1930's. Sheldon Calvert began raising a few commercial Angus cattle on the 130 acre farm that he purchased over 75 years ago. He then partnered with his eldest son-in-law, Glen Faulk, in the early 1970's to expand that herd. After J.D. joined the operation, they purchased a pair of reg. Simmental bulls in the mid-80's to begin developing a half-blood brood cow base, which is still the  foundation of some of their current herd's genetics. Then in an effort to change directions in their program, J.D. and Jeremiah bought their first Maine-Anjou bull in the spring of 2002, with 2 registered bred females to follow that fall. These genetics have now played a major role in their current operation. 

Double F Cattle is striving to produce quality heifers, bulls, and club calves that will appeal in the show ring, as well as to the commercial cattleman. Through selective breeding and purchasing, they have been able to develop cattle that are sound-structured, easy-keeping, and highly maternal to satisfy all aspects of the cattle industry.